Employee shaking hands with their boss after they land a new job.

How to Sell Your Home Fast When You Land a New Job


So you found a new job? Congratulations, this is an exciting time! However, if you are needing to relocate and you own a home than maybe it's exciting, but you are probably stressed trying to figure out what to do.  


In most situations, you can’t just pack up and move having a mortgage left behind. It gets expensive and if you want to purchase another home you most likely need to clear that mortgage from your credit in order to purchase a new one. So what are your options to quickly sell your home? Continue reading as we go over your options.

Hire a realtor

We all know a realtor and we all know the convenience of hiring one. This is a nice option because they will come in take pictures, mentor you through the entire process and list and sell your home for you. However as nice as this all sounds it is not cheap.


Not only do they take a large percentage of the sale, but they may also require that you need to make repairs or costly renovations. This will be very expensive and you can almost count on not seeing a return from the sale. The home also will sit on the market as you wait for the perfect buyer.


If you are needing to sell fast because your new job starts soon then this can be a difficult route to take. You won’t get much of a say in the process so be careful as you decide whether or not you should hire a realtor.

For sale by owner

Selling your home on your own is the best way to avoid unnecessary expenses. However, because you won’t have the resources to properly list your home on the market this can be a very lengthy process waiting to find a buyer. The chance that you do get an interested buyer, they may require you to make repairs or renovations. Which like stated above, this is expensive and can take a long time.


If you need to move quickly this is probably not the best way to sell your home. It is a bummer because it sounds like the most ideal way of selling, but in the long run, you will be out money while waiting for the home to sell.

Sell to a cash buyer

Another option when selling your home is selling to a cash buyer. You are probably asking what and who that is. A cash buyer purchases your home as is so that you don’t have to make any repairs or find a buyer. They don’t charge high realtor fees either. Keep the extra money you make and sell your house in seven days.


Heroic Homebuyers can give you a cash offer and free you from your home in a short seven days so that you can leave your old job and home, and move on without any problems...Sell to us and we will help make your transition smoother.


For more questions call us at 561-349-4192. We would love to help answer any questions or concerns you have and walk you through this simple process. We look forward to hearing from you.


Give Us A Call Today

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